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But Wait, There's More

Lame.  Try starting your blog without the phrase, "many years ago..."  It's not getting any easier, but here I rise to the challenge.

Several years ago, I embarked on a journey most people start in elementary school.  "Okay kids, today we are going to create your family tree!"  Cool.  Ever since that day in 4th grade, and every time thereafter when I filled out a form asking me for my family medical history, I got to take the easy way out.  Draw a line through the question.  Cross out the section.  Create an answer called "I don't know."

It used to bother me, but I soon realized I could finish that test quicker than most.  And, since finishing tests was important to me for some mysterious, unknown reason which I never understood, I was happy to slash through that section and turn in the clipboard to the dental assistant or nurse or whoever thought they needed that information--in record time.  Nobody fills these things out faster than this guy.  …